About Us

528530_10151084330733460_1702066474_n We met in Denver Colorado in 2003. Richie was a senior level executive at TIAA-CREF and I had recently moved to Denver after selling my computer company in Des Moines, IA. After I moved to Denver, I accepted a job as the CEO and publisher of a local business publication.

The publication I worked for decided to do a feature article on women of power in Denver and Richie was the subject of the cover story. All of the senior writers were assigned to other stories so I decided to handle the interview myself. I requested a 90-minutes interview with her and ended up staying for 8 hours.

Our interview lasted so long that the parking garage my car was in closed down and she had to give me a ride home. In an act of blind chivalry, I offered to carry her heavy books and briefcase as we walked to where her car was parked. She assured me it would be a short walk — she was parked over a mile away in Uptown Denver. To this day, my wife enjoys long walks.

After a whirlwind courtship, we got married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in a beautiful ceremony on the beach. Over the last several years we lived in Colorado, California, and now Texas.

We finally found our dream home. We just needed to gut and completely remodel it…all 10,000 square feet. This is an adventure…an adventure of a lifetime…an adventure in life and style.


Hi! We’re the Hunter family from Houston, Texas. Our blog is dedicated to home design, remodeling, dream closets, energy efficient homes, travel, and living well. We are on a mission to help you create a home full of love, laughter, joy, happiness, fun, hope, memories and … style! Learn more..