Pool Maintenance: Complete Guide to Saving Money

Pool Maintenance Costs

We threw a pool party for my son this past weekend.  The kids and parents that stayed for the barbecue raved about our crystal clear pool water.

A few of the parents, who also own pools, vented about how they were tired of cloudy pool water and expensive pool chemicals.

They asked me how I keep my pool water crystal clear.

I explained that I used to spend $150-$200 every month on name brand pool chemicals.

Now I use the BBB Method and pay $30 a month to maintain my 17′ X 42′  inground pool.

The three “B’s” stand for Bleach, Baking Soda and Borax.

The BBB method uses generic pool chemicals from your local grocery and hardware store to clean and maintain your pool.

The cost of using the BBB method is significantly less than the cost of traditional name brand pool chemicals.

How to Significantly Reduce Pool Maintenance Costs

  • Calculate your pool and water volume with an accurate online pool calculator  (a good pool calculator will also help calculate your pool’s chemical needs).
  • Buy a proven top rated test kit like the Taylor K-2006C. Test and balance water weekly.
  • Focus first on maintaining proper pH and chlorine levels on a weekly basis.
  • Add liquid bleach as needed to maintain proper chlorine levels and crystal clear water.
  • Keep your pH levels between 7.2-7.6. Use muriatic acid to lower pH and 20 Mule Team Borax to raise it.
  • Total Alkalinity (TA) stabilizes pH. Keep TA between 80-120. pH and TA are tied together so lowering one will lower the other. Baking Soda will raise your TA.

I’ve created an infographic below that breaks down the steps you need to use the BBB Method and get crystal clear water for less.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

Pool Maintenance Infographic

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Bottom Line

If you’re not using the BBB Method, you’re paying four times more than you need to for pool maintenance.

Here’s a recap of what you need to do to significantly reduce your pool maintenance costs and maintain crystal clear pool water:

1. Calculate your pool size and water volume with an online pool calculator (a good pool calculator will also help calculate your pool’s chemical needs).

2. Buy a proven top rated test kit like the Taylor K-2006C and test your water weekly.

3. Use Bleach, Borax, Baking soda and muriatic acid to balance and maintain crystal clear pool water. Purchase these items at your grocery and hardware store.

4. Keep your pool equipment in good working condition. Properly clean and backwash your filter every month.

5. Clean and remove leaves, bugs and other debris from your pool weekly.

What are you doing to reduce your pool maintenance costs?

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