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Since we launched HouseBizStyle, people have come us asking how they can support our mission and what we do. I created this page as a response to that question.

Tell Us About Your Success Stories

We get quite a bit of email as a result of running this site, but my favorite ones are from readers who have been helped by the site. I get so encouraged by hearing your success stories, or just that you found a certain article and it really helped you. So please don’t hesitate to share your stories with us.

Tell Others

One of the best ways you can support HouseBizStyle is by telling others. If you see a great article feel free to email it to others or link to it from your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram account.


Some readers have been so helped by the articles on HouseBizStyle that they wanted to make cash donations. I honestly wasn’t expecting that and still do not, but if you want to financially support HouseBizStyle, we are humbled by your generosity. Your donations go towards making the site more useful and relevant.

No matter how you choose to support us, we are greatly appreciative!



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