Toto Washlet S300: Needs to be on Your Bucket List

Toto Washlet S300

I laughed when I first saw the Toto Washlet S300 toilet at a house warming party for some close friends of mine.

I couldn’t imagine anyone who would want to have a high tech toilet with a control panel that looked like a universal remote:

Toto Washlet S 300 Remote

We are Addicted to our Toto Washlet S300

I vowed that it was the silliest contraption I had ever seen – until I used it.

Then I started looking into what it would cost to have them installed in our bathrooms.

I will spare you the details of my first extended visit – this is a family review. Lets just say the targeted water spray and heated dryer hit the right spot.

We have installed Toto’s in our master bathroom, hallway bathroom, and my son’s bathroom. You don’t need to change your water line or do any special plumbing. You do need to have a GFCI installed near your toilet because the power cord on the Washlet is less than three feet.

We spent a little over $2800 for three Toto’s and another $750 to install the GFCI and set up the Toto Washlets. But it was worth it. Everyone in my family loves these Washlets.

We have used our Totos for over a year and we couldn’t live without them:

First, there is the heated seat. It is truly a pleasure to press your hindquarters onto the toilet seat and feel the warmth of the Toto instead of the temporary, but eye-opening shock of an ice cold cold seat. Those of you that have heated seats in your car will know exactly what I am talking about.

You can also use the Washlet’s remote to adjust the seat temperature up or down:

Toto Washlet Control Panel
The warm spray is accurate, powerful and adjustable. I strongly recommend you choose the oscillating option. Pushing this will cause the wand to move in a forward/backward spraying motion.
Washlet Water Presssure ControlsPushing the pulsating option will cause the water to slowly go from soft pressure to normal pressure.  It’s so slow that I’m not really even sure why this is a feature.

The Toto is also very kid-friendly. It is very easy to understand and use the large colored coded buttons. My son was not interested in the Toto at first, but now he loves the hands-free wash and dry features.

Toto Washlet Hand Free Wash and Dry

He has stopped using a half roll of toilet paper during his extended bathroom visits.

The fan is not loud enough to be annoying, but it gives you just enough cover to camouflage any unfortunate noises. It comes on as soon as you sit down, and automatically turns off about a minute after you get off.

This is a wonderful feature when you have guests – no one has to hear a play by play on what is happening behind that closed bathroom door.

Toto Washlet Deodorizer

Toto’s deodorizer is strong enough to make sure you do not draw unnecessary attention yourself. No more candles. You can even throw away the air fresheners you keep on the back of the toilet.

It is important to clean the filter for the deodorizer monthly to make sure dust and dirt do not clog the screen. You can do this by removing the seat, turning it on its side, and taking out the filter. Brush it with an old toothbrush and run it under warm water and dry it before replacing.

Filter for Toto Washlet Deodorizer

While you have the seat off, clean under, around and inside the areas you can’t get when it’s on the toilet. Mold can accumulate around the washer wand, so moisten a cotton swab with water (not harsh chemicals!) and clean around there.

I also recommend you avoid using harsh cleaning products on your Toto Washlet because it may damage the seat. I use a Clorox Toilet Wand, which seems to work fine.

You can set the Toto to turn on and off through an Auto timer that learns your habits. You can also set the timer to turn off every day when you go to bed in increments of three, six and nine hours.

Toto Washlet Energy Saving Feature

This saves energy by turning off the heater when it’s not needed. If you sit down and use the Washlet during this Energy Saver Cycle, it immediately powers up and warms the seat in about 3 minutes.

When you are on vacation or away for a long time, save on your bills by turning off the washlet with the master switch on the side:

Toto Washlet Power Button

If you want the best toilet in the world, this is it. I still have withdrawal symptoms (psychologically and physically), when I travel and my hotel room doesn’t have a Washlet.

2 comments on “Toto Washlet S300: Needs to be on Your Bucket List
  1. Samuel says:

    I feel like a lot of people see bidet seats and Washlets as silly, but few have tried them. My wife and I recently installed a Novita bidet seat: It has a lot of the same features, but got our vote with the auto opening lid, and was cheaper than we could find the TOTO S350e. The benefits well outweigh the cost, and there are bidet seats for all budgets. I could not agree more with your post, we love ours. Thanks for sharing!

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