Luxury in Mexico … Within Budget!

Goal: Luxury in Mexico … within budget.  When: Immediately  Success:  YES! We just returned from a

Costa Rica Fruit

Costa Rica Fruit – Fresh and New

Costa Rica fruit is so good that they actually have a fruit capital. Every two steps

Hawaii Surfing

Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing in Hawaii. Well, really doing just about anything in Hawaii is a complete thought in

Crocodiles in Sandbar Below Bridge

Costa Rica Crocodile Bridge

These are Costa Rican crocodiles that live under a bridge.  And they looked as imposing in

El Parador Hotel

The Parador Hotel in Costa Rica

The Parador Hotel has the best view in all of Manuel Antonio and it is billed

Costa Rica Vacation 2014

Why We Chose Costa Rica for Our Vacation

Here are the top 10 reasons we chose to visit Costa Rica for our vacation: 1.


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